NEWSWEEK's Dan Stone Spent a Night in Vegas with Tom Bosley

The inimitable Dan Stone writes about his childhood encounter with the dearly departed performer.

(Last Tom Bosley post, I swear.  Before today, I never knew I had so much love for the man, and by tomorrow it will probably have passed.)

19 October 2010 ·

I’ll Miss You Tom Bosley

Happy Days was fine, but I was a weekly watcher of Father Dowling Mysteries. It was the best show about a priest and a nun solving crimes that has ever been created.  And the sexual tension between Father Dowling and Sister Stephanie (played by the redoubtable Tracy Nelson)?  It was off the charts!  Wouldn’t it be beautiful if Tracy Nelson died within the next week because she just can’t live without her holy padre of the small screen?  Wouldn’t it be poetic if she woke up tomorrow morning with her mouth agape, waiting for Father Dowling to give her the Eucharist, only to remember that he’s gone.  His ministry of mystery is complete, Sister Stephanie.  Now it is your duty—heck!—all our duty, to see to it that mother church does the right thing and makes Father Dowling the patron saint of criminology and the Chicago Cubs.  Let the canonization process begin!

19 October 2010 ·

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