Inside the New York Times “Lively Morgue”

Print archives that were once the heart of many newspapers have gone the way of the floppy disk. But at the New York Times, home to the Lively Morgue Tumblr, the technology that’s threatened to kill the morgue may also save it. We went inside the morgue to find out what all the fuss was about. Read the accompanying feature.

I’m so excited to have two videos featured at the launch of Tumblr’s new Storyboard site.  This one about The New York Times photo and clippings morgue was amazing and endlessly fascinating.  We probably had enough material to do a 15 minute video, but alas, unless you’re hunting Kony, the internets beg for brevity.  Enjoy, and be sure to check out Storyboard!

7 May 2012 ·

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