Hello Giggles on Feminism, Baby Animals, & Tweens

It began as the girl alternative to Funny or Die: a place where smart, independent, creative women could spread their brand of comedy on the web. A year in, ladyblogging site Hello Giggles may boast as much earnestness as comedy, but it is — in the words of its founding trio — a rare place on the web where negativity isn’t tolerated. “It’s positivity, all the time,” say actress Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi, and writer Molly McAleer. On the eve of the site’s one-year anniversary, Tumblr sat down with the women to talk feminism, baby animals, and what they have in common with tweens.

Jessica Bennett

Zooey Deschanel would rather not go on vacation than be without her cell phone. If you don’t understand that, we’ve put it into graphical form to help you out. Big thanks to Ronik Design & Development for their rapid graphic creation skills.

11 June 2012 ·

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