1 night, 4 bars, 4 jukeboxes, and the greatest song in the history of humankind.  It’s a ‘Man in the Mirror’ dance marathon!  For years, I’ve been unable to resist dancing it out with strangers when this song came on.  This time it was documented on video.  1:30 is where things really start popping off.

14 October 2013 ·

NEWSWEEK: PS-22 Chorus Sings Man in the Mirror

This is probably my favorite video that I did while at Newsweek, and it seems like it merits reposting today.  Back in 2010, on the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, I was able to arrange for the famous PS-22 Chorus to perform my favorite MJ tune as a tribute.  They did not disappoint.

25 June 2012 ·

NEWSWEEK: The Empty Throne

Check out the awesome package NEWSWEEK has put out for my beloved MJ.  Next year’s MJ video feature: Ryan makes people uncomfortable by dancing in public places to Man in the Mirror.

24 June 2010 ·

The 5th graders of the PS-22 Chorus in Staten Island give an exclusive performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ for NEWSWEEK.  Get ready to have your life changed!

24 June 2010 ·

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